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How to Get Rid of a Smell in the Microwave
Whether you use your microwave every day or just on certain occasions, you’ll probably notice that sometimes it retains odors from the foods you cook. This can be a pleasant odor—like popcorn—or a foul odor—like burnt popcorn. Either way, you don’t want this smell getting mixed in with the food that you’re currently cooking and besides, it’s just not sanitary. If you have an odor lingering in your microwave, germs and bacteria—or even malfunction—aren’t far behind.
So, regardless if it’s your own personal microwave or a shared microwave at work, you need to get the rid of the odor immediately if you care about the sanctity and freshness of your food.
Getting Rid of Microwave Odors
And just how do you go about doing that? Actually, there are a few methods that you should try, each one a little bit stronger and more effective than the previous. Now, before you go jumping straight to the end of this list, keep in mind that the gentlest method that gets rid of your microwave odor is always the most preferred—generally because it is the easiest to do—but also because it is the gentlest on your appliance. Start at the beginning of this list and work your way up until you find a method that eliminates your microwave smell.
Then, be sure you keep this list handy to prevent future microwave smells by using the first few methods on the list every so often. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure.
Start off with a damp cloth or sponge, wiping down the inside of the microwave and then the outside as well. Be sure the unit is unplugged and you get into the inner crevices inside the appliance. Check the ceiling of the unit and remove and clean any circulating trays, racks or covers. Allow the unit to dry fully before running; you can help this along by wiping it down with a dry towel.
If the odor is still there (normally you will notice this after heating up food, a sign that the smell is embedded inside the inner workings of the appliance), try a gentle spray cleaner that is lemon scented. Repeat the same steps as above, being sure to let the microwave air out as it dries (prop the door open with a book).
For odors that are still persistent, your next step will involve aerating the entire inside workings of the microwave by utilizing the venting system that is used during heating and cooking. To do this, simply take a lemon and cut it up into four equal pieces. Place these wedges into a microwave safe bowl with one cup of water inside and heat it up in the microwave for three to four minutes. When it’s done, don’t open the door—instead let it sit there for five minutes. The heated lemon evaporating in the water should “steam clean” the odor right out of your appliance. This should take care of almost every pesky odor you can think of.
If that doesn’t work, it’s time to take the final step: place two tablespoons of baking soda into one cup of water and repeat the steps above as with the lemon wedges. After you let the mixture sit for a few minutes, open the door and use the mixture to wipe down the sides, top, bottom and back of the microwave.
What to Do if You Can’t Get Rid of Microwave Odor
If the smell still lingers on, you might have a bigger problem and at this point you should give us a call at 800-367-7199 or contact us by email at Very few people know microwaves—and their smells—quite like the appliance repair professionals at Harrison Appliance!
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