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Why doesn’t my gas dryer heat?
Gas dryers can be great: they perform well, save you money, and are the most energy efficient way to dry your clothes next to a clothes line. On average, a gas dryer can save you fifty bucks a year in energy bills as opposed to an electric counterpart. But if what if all of the sudden your prize machine stops heating up?
If you come across this problem and you know your drum is still turning, then the absolute first thing you need to do is check out your air flow.
This has to do with how your gas dryer operates. When the machine works to dry your clothes, it does so by pulling the moisture out of the fabric. In order to provide this kind of power, your machine needs to have some pretty serious muscle behind it. You can check the gusto of this muscle by investigating your ventilation system (dryer vents, hose, pipe, and output).
To check your machine’s ventilation you can usually just trace the pipe from the back of the dryer to a place outside your home. From there you can make sure your air flow is pumping properly in a number of ways. If your pipe vents near the ground, check to see if the air flow is moving the grass. If it vents into their air, try holding a ribbon or a plastic bag in front of the end. Remember; you need plenty of push to get all that moisture out. Not enough push coming through? Your vent may be obstructed. Follow the pipe all the way from beginning to end, checking for any kind of pileup or kinked tube that’s robbing your machine.
If this simple inspection doesn’t yield the answers you’re looking for, then you might need to get your hands dirty. Unplug the machine, pull it away from the wall, and remove the backing. Check for the obvious first; do you see any sign of critters chewing wires or obviously burnt out hardware? It doesn’t take an engineer to spot these kinds of problems.
Replace anything chewed or crispy, and then take your dryer for a test drive.
If the heat returns, congratulations! If not, then it’s time to move on to more intermediate issues. If you’re not the handyman type, this could be your sign to call in a professional.
So your gas dryer’s problem is a little more insidious, and you’ve decided you’re going to tackle it head-on. Don’t run for the tool shed yet; there are some other relatively simple things that you can inspect. You might need to replace the coils on your gas valve. To check this, first locate your igniter, and then study its movements. Does it get red (heat up) and then click, go dark, and repeat the process? Or maybe it never becomes red in the first place.
Bottom line; if the igniter doesn’t heat up and stay heated, then you probably have bad coils.
If the igniter does go red but you’re still not getting any heat where you need it, you might want to look into replacing the flame sensor. This is a little device that opens and closes in order to tell when to deliver gas to the burner.
If the flame sensor gets stuck in the closed position, then gas won’t travel to the burner, and things won’t heat up.
You can replace a flame sensor by looking up your model online and finding the correct part number.
While you have the back off, you can also check on the health of your thermal fuse. This is a small rectangular box with two wires on either end. If the box is open, that means it lacks continuity and might be the source of your lack of heat. Unfortunately fixing the problem is not as simple as closing the box or reestablishing continuity;
If the thermal fuse is open then you will need to replace it.
Replacing the fuse is an intermediate job you might be able to tackle on your own. Quick tip; if you found out early on that your ventilation system was blocked, you might still want to check on your thermal fuse after you’re done cleaning it out. These two issues often run together.
If everything fails and you’re totally stumped, you’re not alone.
You can call Harrison Appliance with any questions you might have about your machine’s performance.
Their experts will be happy to talk you through your efforts and work with you to find the best solution possible for your gas dryer. Don’t worry though; your efforts have not been in vain. Cleaning your ventilation system, checking on the health of your hardware, and replacing blown out pieces can only extend the life of your appliance, and you can be sure the expert who comes out to help you will be grateful for your prep work.
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